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Student Spotlight

Pastry Arts
Start Year 2014
Employment Pink Bandana Bakery
Kathleen Robinson - Pastry Chef/Business Owner | Q&A

Favorite Class:


I loved sugar work, those classes were my favorite.


Favorite Instructor:


This is a difficult one.  I like all my instructors for different reasons:  Chef Tim:  His knowledge base and passion for our craft was beyond compare, but I loved Suzanne Kripple ( she was amazing and I learned a great deal) Chef Stephanie (She reinforced my desire to become a Pastry Chef) and of course Chef Will he was calm under pressure and he allowed us to experiment with our craft!


Why did I choose ICASI:


It was close to home and I thought that facilities were great.  


What was my ICASI experience like:


My experience at ICASI was simply amazing.  I truly became the Chef I always wanted to be.  I gained many new skills, friends and professional colleagues along the way.


What’s the most important thing I learned from ICASI.


I learned it is never too late to pursue your dreams.  The complete education I received has helped me to now open my own bakery.


How were the instructors;


I thought the instructors overall were terrific.  They all knew this business inside and out and were always willing to provide additional help if needed.


Did ICASI help me in  my career:

Yes, ICASI certainly helped in my career, in particular the internships.  I have used the knowledge base I received along with my background to now open my own place.


What advice do I have for future students:


Listen, watch, ask questions, make friends, practice outside of the school, and most importantly, enjoy every moment.